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Marc Koska
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Marc Koska

Company: ApiJect
Title: Founder
Location: East Sussex, United Kingdom
Fields of operation: Life & Health
Twitter: marckoska

I founded ApiJect, a group of new technology to increase efficiencies in delivering health globally. In 1984, Marc Koska, the founder of Apiject K7, sought to address the widespread problem of cross-contamination through the re-use of syringes and needles which frequently results in fatalities and increased disease. To date, over 6 billion of his resulting first design - the K1 - syringes have been sold, likely saving over 5 million lives. In 2006 Marc established the Safepoint Trust whose goal is to inform the next generation about safer injections. Marc recognised that educating the world about the dangers of re-using syringes was an essential part of reducing death and infection from cross infection and contamination.

While the K1 syringe successfully made the administration of vaccines and all drugs safer, through its revolutionary cost-effective Auto-Disable feature, his newest design the K7 takes a more holistic view of the whole process of getting a pharmaceutical drug to its delivery point – and improves it radically.