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Marc Miethe
Didgeridoo, Beatbox
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Marc Miethe

Company: Didgeridoo, Beatbox
Title: Artist
Location: -, United Kingdom
Fields of operation: Art, Design, Culture

Marc Miethe keeps on confronting musicians from the Jazz, Club or World Music circuits. He is liberating mankind’s oldest known wind instrument, elevating the Didgeridoo from it’s image of being an "accompanying drone instrument" into a new status His performance on the Didge is so powerful and modern, that even experienced listeners are amazed when he plays and produces sonic soundz for the listeners of 21st century. With his fresh and extraordinary skills and a lot of taste and humour, it is his aim to explore the multiple possibilities of this simple wooden tube. In the Aboriginal culture, the playing of the didgeridoo is strongly connected to the Aboriginal mythicalceremonial lifestyle and largely kept as a secret. Respecting these traditions, Marc Miethe rather relys on rhythmical traditions from Africa, Asia, Latin-America and India. He transforms Percussion Vocalizations, as well as HipHop influenced Beat Box Styles and Jazz Scat improvisations onto the didge. The tunable Trombone Didge is allowing him to produce "wicked" sounding melodic bass lines as well asweaving virtuous Breakbeats into his full spectrum of driving rhythmic and exotic sound scapes.