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Marc Samwer
Global Founders Capital
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Marc Samwer

Company: Global Founders Capital
Title: Advisor to Global Founders Capital / CEO Global Founders
Location: Munich, Germany
Fields of operation: Digital, Technology

Marc and his two brothers Oliver and Alexander are entrepreneurs and/or early investors behind Internet success stories such as Zalando (IPO), Rocket Internet (IPO), Groupon (IPO), Alando (sold to eBay), Jamba (sold to Verisign/News Corp.), DeliveryHero (IPO), HelloFresh (IPO) and more.
They have been investors in global players like Facebook, LinkedIn, HomeAway, Zynga and Trivago. GFC Global Founders Capital is an international investment fund and has raised USD 1 billion until today. GFC invests in technology companies across all stages with a focus on marketplaces, E-/M-Commerce and SaaS businesses in the U.S., Europe, and Asia.
In 2003, Marc received the distinguished Eisenhower Fellowship Award in the U.S. (Multi Nation Program). Marc studied business and international law at the Universities of Cologne, Geneva/Switzerland and Madrid/Spain and finished top 2% of his class.