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Mariana Avezum
TU München
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Mariana Avezum

Company: TU München
Title: Researcher
Location: Garching bei München, Germany
Fields of operation: Education, Digital, Technology

Mariana Avezum, 28, is the founder of the WARR Hyperloop team, the interdisciplinary student team at the TU Munich who went on to winning, twice, the SpaceX Hyperloop Pod Competition. The team designed, built, and tested a functional prototype for the new mode of transportation. She has now started a PhD in the area of multimodal transportation, and is researching how all the different mobility providers can and should communicate with each other, in order to ensure that the future of mobility is as flexible as possible. With the strong belief that no single transportation solution can ever satisfy all the different mobility needs, she studies possibilities to connect them to each other while still allowing everyone to reach their destinations in an environmentally friendly manner. She is also an ambassador for the Munich Geekettes, promoting events to incentive women in STEM. Prior to that, she obtained a Computer Science M.Sc. while always working on interdisciplinary projects, which go from virtual reality, to indoor navigations, to using drones for image recognition use cases.