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Marija Mitrovic Dankulov
Institute of Physics Belgrade
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Marija Mitrovic Dankulov

Company: Institute of Physics Belgrade
Title: Head of Innovation Center
Fields of operation: Education

Marija Mitrović Dankulov is an Associate Research Professor at the Scientific Computing Laboratory, National Centre of Excellence for Complex Systems and Head of Innovation Center at the Institute of Physics Belgrade (IPB), University of Belgrade. She completed her Ph.D. in statistical physics at the Faculty of Physics, University of Belgrade in 2012. After her Ph.D. studies, during which she was employed at the Department of Theoretical Physics, Institute Jožef Stefan, Slovenia, she undertook postdoctoral work at Department of Biomedical Engineering and Computational Science, School of Science Aalto University, Finland. She has extensive knowledge and experience in theoretical and computational physics. Her primary research interest is statistical physics of complex systems, with the emphasis on physics of socio-economic systems and complex networks theory. Married with one child. She is an author of 19 publication in leading international scientific journals, including Nature and Nature Communications, two book chapters and more than 30 invited and contributed talks at international conferences. In 2017 she has been awarded with IPB Annual Research Prize 2017 for significant contributions to the field of physics of social systems.