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Marley Fabisiewicz
Upnext Ltd.
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Marley Fabisiewicz

Company: Upnext Ltd.
Title: Founder
Location: Warsaw, Poland
Fields of operation: Digital, Technology
Twitter: marley

Marley Fabisiewicz is the Founder of Upnext, a mobile and application development company specializing in forward-thinking mobile payment solutions. He also founded Adaptive Press - a startup building dynamic publishing frameworks for tablet devices. Having started out as a music mag editor and DJ, he rolled in to the editor-in-chief position at Lodown magazine. His expertise in creative strategy led to a role as the European Marketing Director for Vans. These days, Marley is putting his decade's worth of entrepreneurial experience to use as the brain behind an ever-expanding portfolio of digital projects including Unlike, a next generation city guide that connects coolhunters from around the world with unique and inspiring locations.