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Martin Korte
Technical University Braunschweig
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Martin Korte

Company: Technical University Braunschweig
Title: Director of the Zoological institute
Location: Braunschweig, Germany
Fields of operation: Science

Prof. Dr. Martin Korte is a Professor of Cellular Neurobiology at TU Braunschweig. He studied biology and worked for many years at the Max-Planck-Institutes of Brain Research (Frankfurt) and Neurobiology (München-Martinsried) and habilitated at the LMU Munich. His research focuses on cellular mechanisms of learning and memory, but also forgetting. He is one of the most cited neuroscientists in Germany. Besides being a distinguished scientist, he also shows very successfully his talent in explaining exciting scientific results to a lay audience. For his achievement in the public understanding of science he was awarded with the Karl-Heinz-Beckhurtz prize and he was a founding member of the national “Young Academy” (“Junge Akademie”). Mr. Korte wrote a successful book („Wie Kinder heute lernen“, Goldmann, 2011).