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Martin Zimmermann
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Martin Zimmermann

Company: Daimler
Title: VP Strategy, Alliances, Business Development
Location: Stuttgart, Germany
Fields of operation: Business (non digital), Professional Service

Dr. Martin Zimmermann is Vice President “Strategy, Alliances and Business Innovation” of Daimler AG and in this position responsible for the strategy of the Daimler Group and all of its divisions as well as the development of new business growth options through Business Innovation. Dr. Zimmermann was born in Esslingen on January 24, 1963. After gaining his Abitur, he studied mechanical engineering at the University of Stuttgart, where he obtained his diploma in 1989. In parallel, he studied at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Boston, USA, where he took a Master of Science degree in nuclear engineering in 1989. Following this, he gained his doctorate and lectured in mechatronics at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich, Switzerland. Dr. Zimmermann started his career in 1993 at McKinsey & Company, working in its Stuttgart and Seoul, Korea, offices, finally as a senior engagement manager. He joined Porsche AG in 1999 as head of its “Strategy & Business Development” department. In 2001, he moved to Daimler as Vice President and head of “Product and Process Strategy” for the commercial vehicles division. There, he was responsible until 2003 for advanced engineering, product and production planning, logistics planning and quality management for commercial vehicles as well as the DaimlerChrysler-wide freight procurement. Afterwards, he took over as Vice President for the corporate function “Strategic Alliances” until 2004.