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Matias Viel
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Matias Viel

Company: BeeFlow
Title: CEO and co-founder
Location: San Francisco, United States
Fields of operation: Science

Matias is the CEO and co-founder of BeeFlow, a science-based company that develops smart and strong bees for crop pollination. With their technologies, farmers have increased up to 90% crop yields while substantially reducing bee population decline. BeeFlow was launched in 2016 in Argentina and to date, has achieved remarkable results in Almond, Blueberry, Apple and Kiwifruit fields. By enhancing bees' immune systems and studying how their learning process is, BeeFlow is teaching bees to be more efficient while pollinating specific targeted crops. Their research team is currently analyzing data from the interaction between flowers and bees in order to understand bee flight patterns to maximize pollination. Over 70% of crops globally depend on bee pollination to produce fruits and seeds. BeeFlow's technologies impact on sustainable agriculture provides farmers with a new approach to increasing crop yields. In December 2017, Matias moved to San Francisco with his team to launch BeeFlow in the US market. At 26 years old, he strongly believes that science applied to bee pollination is the next-gen solution for sustainable agriculture, and looks forward to transforming the future of food production.