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Matthias Schuler
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Matthias Schuler

Company: Ingenieur
Title: -
Location: -, Germany
Fields of operation: Science

Matthias Schuler is one of the managing directors of TRANSSOLAR Energietechnik in Stuttgart. Born 1958 he is educated as a mechanical engineer at University Stuttgart. In 1992 he founded the company TRANSSOLAR Climate Engineering in Stuttgart. TRANSSOLAR’S focus is on new energy saving and comfort optimizing strategies by an integral approach in building design. Nowadays - with 50 employees in Stuttgart, Munich and New York – Matthias Schuler works on national and international projects with architects like Kazuyo Sejima, Frank O. Gehry, Steven Holl, Jean Nouvel and Renzo Piano. Since 2001 teaching as a visiting professor at the Graduated School of Design, Harvard University, he became Adjunct Professor for Environmental Technologies in 2008.