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Maurizio Rossi
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Maurizio Rossi

Company: H-Farm
Title: Founder Co-CEO
Location: Treviso, Italy
Fields of operation: Investor, Digital, Technology
Twitter: SWITTERmrossi

Curiosity driven dreamer and always a keen observer, Maurizio likes to travel understand people's lifestyles and their local traditions. He's fashinated how technologies impact our daylife and their influence in the lifestyle and thanks to his dynamic personality he has developed an important network of international connections.
Pioneer in the startup business and Venture Capital in Italy, Maurizio is cofounder of [H-FARM](http://www.h-farm.com/en/) Ventures, one of the leading Venture Incubator in Europe. Maurizio has over 8 years experience in H-FARM Ventures and over 50 investments in digital startups.
In his previous experiences, Maurizio worked in the luxury and sporting goods industries, some involving acquisitions by global leaders such as LVMH fashion holding and other majors sport brands.
If in the past Maurizio managed to distinguish himself in the world of sports as a champion in offshore racing, today Maurizio is committed to running after his 4 children and more than 350 startuppers.