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Meike Winnemuth
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Meike Winnemuth

Title: Author & Journalist
Location: Hamburg, Germany
Fields of operation: Media, Art, Design, Culture

Meike Winnemuth is a German freelance writer, working for magazines such as Stern, Süddeutsche Zeitung Magazin, Geo Saison, and Architektur & Wohnen. She specializes in immersion journalism and wrote about a series of lifestyle experiments, one of which was wearing the same dark blue dress for one year ([www.daskleineblaue.de](www.daskleineblaue.de)). In 2010 she applied to be a candidate for the quiz show "Who wants to be a millionaire" and subsequently won 500.000 euros. During the broadcast she announced that she would spend part of the money on yet another project: 12 months in 12 cities. In 2011, she lived in Buenos Aires, Mumbai, Shanghai, Tel Aviv, Addis Abeba and Havana (among others). About this experience she wrote the award-winning blog [www.vormirdiewelt.de](http://www.vormirdiewelt.de/) and the best-selling book "Das große Los". Photo Credit: © Urban Zintel