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Michael Gleich
Culture Counts Foundation gGmbH
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Michael Gleich

Company: Culture Counts Foundation gGmbH
Title: Founder
Location: Stuttgart, Germany
Fields of operation: Art, Design, Culture, Social

Michael Gleich is a journalist specializing in vivid, hands-on elucidation of complex themes in the field of conflict transformation, environment, and cultural diversity. His books include* „Mobility – Mankind on The Move“*, *„Life Counts. Cataloguing Life on Earth“*, *„Web of life. The art of interconnected living“*, *"Successful Peacebuilders"* (Peace Counts Project), and *"Culture Counts. The Chances of Cultural Diversity"*.
For his work he has received many awards.
He is founder of the registered charity Culture Counts Foundation dedicated to practice, support, and teach constructive journalism (reporting on social problems with a solution orientation). 2008 he was appointed Ashoka Fellow as one of the leading Social Entrepreneurs in Germany. In 2016 he initiated the first Global Peacebuilder Summit, gathering 30 of the best peace entrepreneurs worldwide in Berlin.

Want to know more about Michael? Find him on Youtube:
Michael Gleich Ashoka Fellow 2008 Social Entrepreneur