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Michael Halbherr
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Michael Halbherr

Company: FATMAP
Title: Chairman
Location: Berlin, Germany
Fields of operation: Digital, Technology

After 30 years and many adventures in the technology industry, I now enjoy working as an investor, active board member and advisor with young aspiring technology companies. Early in my career, I spent several years at MIT and ETH Zurich working on cutting-edge parallel processing systems, before moving to the Boston Consulting Group (BCG) where I had the privilege to work for some of the best large corporations on the planet while learning from an amazing group of colleagues, which still included members of the generation that found BCG in the early 1970s.

In early 2000, after joining europatweb - an internet investment firm - I invested into the very first wave of European Internet- and technology companies. To get event closer to the action, I decided to join gate5, one of my portfolio companies, as a CEO and to grow this young company together with an amazing group of colleagues into a well-respected mobile technology firm, which we successfully sold to Nokia in 2006.

At Nokia, I helped build one of the leading location-based businesses (HERE), spending the last years in the capacity of CEO/managing director and member of the Nokia Leadership Team (NLT). As a member of the NLT, I witnessed first hand the demise and divestiture of the Nokia device business, while turning HERE into a successful standalone business. After ten years at Nokia and the successful acquisition of HERE by the three leading German car manufacturers, I decided to return the early stages of the technology innovation cycle, working with a handful of very promising companies.