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Michael Pauen
Humboldt University Berlin
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Michael Pauen

Company: Humboldt University Berlin
Title: Professor of Philosophy
Location: Berlin, Germany
Fields of operation: Science, Science
Twitter: PERKdev

Michael Pauen is a [Professor of Philosophy at Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin](https://www.philosophie.hu-berlin.de/en) and academic director of the Berlin School of Mind and Brain. His research focuses on the philosophy of mind and the relation between philosophy and neuroscience. Recent books: Autonomie (with Harald Welzer), 2015; Ohne Ich kein Wir, 2013; Was ist der Mensch, 2011. Papers: The Second-Person Perspective. Inquiry 2012; Materialism, Metaphysics, and the Intuition of Distinctness. Journal of Consciousness Studies 2011. How Privileged is First Person Privileged Access?, American Philosophical Quarterly 2010; Does Free Will Arise Freely. Scientific American 2003. Photo by Daniel Friedrich