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Michal Segalov
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Michal Segalov

Company: Google
Title: Senior Software Engineer
Location: Haifa, Israel
Fields of operation: Digital, Technology

Michal is a Senior Google Engineer, leading a team of engineers and researchers who focus on improving Google’s backbone network infrastructure. Previously, Michal worked on YouTube's monetization platform and launched several of Google’s international search products. Michal initiated Google Israel's pre-university diversity effort, aimed at encouraging high school girls to select computer science and math as their high-school major. The program has had 2000 girls participating so far, coming from over 100 schools with outstanding results of 40% of the participating girls indeed choosing computer science as a major. The diversity program is in the process of evolving as a key factor in helping more women progress to significant positions in the high tech industry. Prior to joining Google’s R&D center, Michal worked at IBM research labs, focusing on hardware verification techniques. Michal holds a B.A. in computer science from the Israeli Technion Institute, and a M.Sc in computer science from Tel Aviv University.