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Mike Brown Jr.
AOL Ventures
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Mike Brown Jr.

Company: AOL Ventures
Title: Founder
Location: New York, United States
Fields of operation: Investor
Twitter: mikebrownjr

Key Attributes: Two start-ups in his previous life (sold one and the other still going) and experience at Morgan Stanley (hating life), Virgin Group (starting businesses + investing capital for Branson) and AOL Ventures (VC stuff). Started AOL Ventures in early 2010 and basically invest AOL's money in consumer internet startups. They invest in companies like gdgt, betaworks, Solve Media, Movie Pass 20x200, Social Flow, Metamarkets, Sailthru, Crittercism, Spree Commerce, Impermium and many more. In addition, he angel invest in companies that don't correlate directly to their fund and backs those behind Codecademy, Voxy, Qwiki, MOAT, Social Amp, Paddle 8 and Brewster.