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Mike Horn
Extreme Adventurer
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Mike Horn

Company: Extreme Adventurer
Title: -
Location: -, United States
Fields of operation: Science, Life & Health

Mike Horn, a researcher, extreme adventurer, athlete, visionary, idealist, Laureus award winner and Academy member was born in 1966 in South Africa. Horn has one overriding aim with his unbelievable expeditions: to heighten people's awareness of their environment and challenge them to show more respect, care and commitment towards the one world we all live in. At his current incredible PANGAEA expedition with the motto "explore, learn, act" Mike Horn circumnavigating the world for four years. With the active involvement of young people on the spot, projects will help to raise our collective awarness of the need to protect the natural resources of our planet for future generations. PANGAEA has the full support of Mercedes-Benz in this undertaking.