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Milica Mastilovic
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Milica Mastilovic

Company: 3Lateral
Title: Data Acquisition Specialist
Location: Novi Sad, Serbia
Fields of operation: Digital, Technology

Milica Mastilović is Data Acquisition Specialist at 3Lateral, leading the team in charge for primary collection of the data which are essential for the 3Lateral`s technology. Milica is also working as hardware development coordinator and intensively collaborate with research department for pushing the technology bounders. 3Lateral company develops innovative technologies that allow digitization of human appearance and motion at unprecedented level of realism.
Milica joined 3Lateral in 2015. and since then she has been working on various challenges, prior in 3D Modeling Team , Studio Management to 3D and 4D scan session directing.
She was born in Serbia where she finished her Master studies in field of Architecture and Urbanism, at University of Technical Science in Novi Sad.