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Miltos Manetas
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Miltos Manetas

Company: MANETAS
Title: Artist
Location: Castel San Pietro, Italy
Fields of operation: Art, Design, Culture
Twitter: miltos

Miltos Manetas, a Greek-born painter and internet artist, currently lives and works in North London. Manetas' work consists of depictions of computer-related items such as oil paintings of computer hardware and videos that utilize clips from videogames. Media Theorist Lev Manovich wrote that "these works can be seen within a well-established tradition in modern painting of representing modern people in their particularly modern settings. For this reason, Manetas can be truly called a painter of contemporary life." Another side of Manetas's work are his art-websites and his work with 'Neen', the first digital fine art movement of the 21st century which was introduced at Gagosian Gallery, NYC in 2000. 'Neen' pieces are usually web-based artworks (one-piece-in-a-domain), sentimental works made with computer or in reference to computers, or artwork created by artificial intelligence or a network. So far, 120 'Neen' works exist at AfterNeen.com DLD Arts Projects 09 Contribution: Live VJ Set, DLD Night, Haus der Kunst, Munich.