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Nicole Büttner-Thiel
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Nicole Büttner-Thiel

Company: DataQuotient
Title: Founder
Location: Karlsbad, Germany
Fields of operation: Digital, Technology

Nicole Büttner-Thiel is an entrepreneur, economist and data enthusiast. Her passion is to make new technologies useful to companies and people. She is the Founder of AlgorithmX, a software company developing and implementing data analytics tools, and DataQuotient, a data analytics and artificial intelligence consulting firm and expert platform helping companies implement new technologies to create real value. Nicole trained as an economist and econometrician at the University of St.Gallen, Stockholm School of Economics and Stanford University.

She is also a lecturer and speaker about Artificial Intelligence and Data Analytics.Nicole is also active in German politics, passionate about bringing digital technologies to government. She serves on the Board of Alumni of her Alma Mater University of St.Gallen.