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Nik Kosmas
Artist / Aids 3D
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Nik Kosmas

Company: Artist / Aids 3D
Title: CO of Creovation
Location: Berlin, Germany
Fields of operation: Life & Health, Art, Design, Culture

The work of Berlin-based duo Keller (*Daniel Keller, 1986, Detroit, USA) and Kosmas (*Nik Kosmas, 1985, Minneapolis, USA) deals with intersections of art, technology and society. Their recent work plays with our contemporary conceptions of the value of art, the value of value, the energy of value, and the power of those networks in our society where value exchange takes place.Solo Exhibitions include “Kaczynski / Keller / Kosmas” (2011), “a conversation piece” (032c Workshop/Joerg Koch Berlin (2011), “New Innovations”, NIMK-Nederlands Instituut voor Mediakunst, Amsterdam (2011) and “Exotic Options” (T293, Napoli).