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Niklas Östberg
Delivery Hero Holding
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Niklas Östberg

Company: Delivery Hero Holding
Title: Co-founder & CEO
Location: Berlin, Germany
Fields of operation: Digital, Technology

Niklas Östberg (37, born in Sweden) is the Co-Founder and CEO of Delivery Hero. He holds a Master of Industrial Engineering & Management from Royal Institute of Technology Stockholm & ETH Zurich.

Niklas began his journey of building the global leader in online food ordering back in Sweden 2007. More markets followed, and a few years later he partnered with members of Team Europe, to roll out his concept to the German market under the name of Lieferheld (Lieferheld.de) by using the technology and know-how from the original Swedish company.

After a successful market entry into the competitive German market, Niklas Östberg and his team decided to launch the business model internationally under the name of Delivery Hero in May 2011. The company has since then expanded the concept organically and through acquisitions into 40+ international markets, and is today the largest global platform for online food ordering with c. 150,000+ local restaurants in its network, processing +20m orders monthly. You can find an overview about our markets here.

What initially was a small vision narrowed to the Swedish market has today expanded into a global vision to create an amazing takeaway experience. Delivery Hero’s services therefore take into account changing habits (health, convenience etc.), local characteristics and new opportunities in technology and logistics.