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Niko Mohr
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Niko Mohr

Company: McKinsey&Company
Title: Partner
Location: Düsseldorf, Germany
Fields of operation: Digital, Technology

Niko Mohr (McKinsey) is a partner in Digital McKinsey in Germany. He is specialized in IoT related topics and leads the digital activities in Advanced Industries. Before, he was a Managing Partner/Director & member of the leadership team at Accenture Germany as well as a Managing Partner at Mücke, Sturm & Company.
Niko is a leading expert on digitalization strategies & transformations. He has more than 20 years of experience in advising international top management & has supported numerous clients on issues of corporate strategy, organizational development, & IT/technology transformation. At McKinsey, his responsibilities include developing digitalization strategies & creating the corresponding transformation roadmaps, business architectures & IT/technology specifications to meet the arising requirements in the emerging digital ecosystems. In this context, he has led several projects in the newly arising digital ecosystems industry 4.0, smart mobility, connected building, smart city, and digital commerce for major international corporations.

Niko obtained his Diploma & doctoral degrees in business administration with a focus on strategic & general management. He also serves as an honorary professor at the University of Regensburg, where he is a member of the faculty for Innovation & Technology Management.