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Nils Bader
Green Product Award / white lobster
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Nils Bader

Company: Green Product Award / white lobster
Title: Initiator / Founder
Location: Berlin, Germany
Fields of operation: Education

Nils Bader is a creative coach to establish new creative innovation culture in companies. A specialty of his is the lean, sustainable and business oriented project and product development. As Initiator of the international Green Product Award, he and his network are scouting new ideas and products, good in design, innovation and sustainability. As CEO of several companies he also led the development of digital systems and products for learning based innovation, research & development. Therefore he won a lot of prices like red dot – best of the best, European seal of e-learning, iF communication design award in gold, German Multimedia Award,… He is a admired keynote speaker on events, forums, congresses, fairs.., in Europe as well as in China. Nils Bader is author of several books and articles in the fields of responsible management, green design innovation.