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Nimrod Kozlovski
JVP Cyber Labs
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Nimrod Kozlovski

Company: JVP Cyber Labs
Title: Partner
Location: Tel Aviv, Israel
Fields of operation: Digital, Technology, Start-up

Dr. Nimrod Kozlovski is an investor in Cyber Security as a partner at JVP, Israeli leading VC, co-managing the JVP Cyber Labs.
Nimrod is the co-founder of PLYmedia and Altal Security and consulted to handful ofStart-Ups in the fields of Internet, telecommunication, information security and proactive security and to governmental and international security bodies. Dr. Kozlovski co-launched the Information Security and Cyber Security program as part of the MBA in Information Technologies in Tel Aviv University.
He received his doctor degree in law (J.S.D) from Yale Law School and conducted his Post-Doc research in computer science on proactive security at Yale School of Computer Sciences. In the Israel Defense Forces, Dr. Kozlovski served as Captain in the Electronic Warfare unit.
Nimrod was an adjunct professor at New York Law School and wrote books and articles on Internet Law, Cyber Crime and Digital Law Enforcement and Copyright Law.