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Noam Lanir
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Noam Lanir

Company: babylon
Title: Babylon Chairman
Location: Bne Zion, Israel
Fields of operation: Digital, Technology

Noam Lanir, Chairman of the Board of directors of Babylon since March 2008 and major shareholder. Noam acquired the controlling stake in Babylon in 2007. Since then the company has grown its revenue tenfold and became one of the leading Internet companies in the world. Mr. Lanir is one of the pioneers of the Israeli Internet industry. In 1998, Mr. Lanir founded Empire Online, a world leading online gaming company, and served as its CEO. The company went public in London on June 2005, at a valuation of US $1B. In 2006, the company sold its core activity and changed its name to Livermore Investments Group. Since then, Livermore functions as an investment company. In 2009 Mr. Lanir founded Life Tree Marketing, is a leading provider of internet based medical tourism services. Since inception, the company increased the activity of its partner's ten folds. Mr. Lanir is a major contributor to a number of charitable organizations. From 2005 to 2009 Mr. Lanir led the campaign to struggle for the benefits of holocaust survivors. This included considerable media exposure including TV, radio, newspaper articles and interviews; the campaign successfully raised this issue to the forefront of the daily public agenda within Israel. Since 2011 Mr. Lanir is a board member of the Foundation for the Benefits of the Holocaust Victims in Israel which manage a budget of $100M to support the victims.