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Noy Barak
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Noy Barak

Company: Neurosteer
Title: Neuroscientist and multi-disciplinary Entrepreneur
Fields of operation: Science

Noy Barak is a neuroscientist and multi-disciplinary entrepreneur. She holds an M.Sc. In Neuroscience from the Weizmann Institute, with specialization in developmental disorders and active sensing research. Noy serves as a technology evangelist at Neurosteer. Neurosteer develops a platform that provides a simple access to a real-time, emotional and cognitive, brain activity interpretation. The platform enables brain machine interaction in existing and novel applications across the entire spectrum of applications, from advanced medical to casual lifestyle and gaming. Neurosteer's portable platform is ideal for mobile sensing and self-care neurofeedback, and for continuous monitoring and management of brain health and wellness. In her spare time, Noy is also organizes and participates in scientific and technological education programs and competitions for specially gifted teens and for teachers education.