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Nusrat Durrani
ex Viacom
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Nusrat Durrani

Company: ex Viacom
Title: SVP/GM MTV World
Location: New York, United States
Fields of operation: Media
Twitter: nusratdurrani

Nusrat Durrani is ex GM/SVP & founder of MTV World, Viacom’s innovation engine; a career that began by being a key player in the launch of MTV.com. Durrani’s recent MTV World initiatives include the launch of trans-media series on music, fashion, love and activism. “Rebel Music,” his politically-focused music documentary series produced the most viewed and shared video ever featured on MTV’s social media and “Madly,” a feature film about love was selected to open the 2016 TriBeCa Film Festival’s International section. His Rebel Music: Native America was the centerpiece of a special White House screening and discussion and lead-in to President Obama’s speech at the 2014 Tribal Nations Conference. Durrani’s visionary leadership at MTV World included groundbreaking collaborations with artists such as Joan Baez, Shepard Fairey, Arcade Fire, Mia Waskowska and Gael García Bernal, as well as innovative partnerships AT&T, General Motors and Intel. “The Music Experiment,” his award-winning franchise reinvented the live music experience by infusing in-depth social interaction into real-life concert-going. Described as “a sage when it comes to music and popular culture” by MTV founder Tom Freston, Durrani is responsible for breaking numerous new artists in the USA.