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Olaf Zeitnitz
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Olaf Zeitnitz

Company: VisualVest
Title: CEO
Location: Frankfurt Main, Germany
Fields of operation: Finance

Olaf Zeitnitz is Co-Founder and Managing Director of VisualVest, a leading German Robo Advisor. He realized early on that todays generation is looking for a transparent and understandable online solution for investment. Olaf is very passionate about new technology.

He has held responsible positions in the financial industry for many years. After successfully completing his studies at the Universities of Karlsruhe and Mainz, he obtained his doctorate in 1995 at the University of Mainz in High Energy Physics. He also holds a business degree from FernUni Hagen. As of 2000, he was responsible for Union IT Services GmbH as a department leader for Union IT Services GmbH. From 2006 on he was one of the managing directors of Union IT Services GmbH and has been responsible for the projects and IT systems in the market / depot area.