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Olivier Abecasis
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Olivier Abecasis

Company: e-TF1
Title: COO
Fields of operation: Digital, Technology
Twitter: oabk6

Olivier is 38 year-old, he graduated from French Telecommunications Engineering School, since 2008 he is eTF1 CEO and Founder & CEO of WAT.
eTF1 is the online company of TF1 (Web, mobile, IPTV), the first media player on Internet (17M uniques a month). WAT is the third video-sharing Website in France (5 M uniques a month)
Previously Olivier was leader of the social Internet strategy (investments in start-up such as Overblog, the first blog player with 10M uniques a month). In 2004 he was Head of Broadcast & Consumers Technologies in TF1. In 1999 he was Head of Broadcast Engineering & Investments in TF1 and 1996 project manager for the launch of TPS (the French satellite bouquet, equivalent to YES) as a digital video expert & leader.
His most current focus are online videos, online advertising, mobile applications, Internet/Mobile/IPTV, OnTVand Gaming & Gambling.