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Ophelia Deroy
LMU München
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Ophelia Deroy

Company: LMU München
Title: Professor
Location: Munich , Germany
Fields of operation: Science
Twitter: OpheliaDeroy

Ophelia Deroy holds the Chair in Philosophy of Mind, at the LMU in Munich. The Chair is a unique joint appointment between the Faculty of Philosophy, and the internationally renowned Munich Centre for Neuroscience. She preciously served as a director of the Institute of Philosophy at the University of London and conducted research at New York University, and the University of Paris.

She specialises in bridging conceptual issues inherited from philosophy and cognitive neurosciences, and has widely published on issues related to multisensory perception and social interactions, both in philosophical and top scientific journals. Her research looks more particularly at aspects of experience and thought which challenge individuals' capacity for justification or even awareness - such as arbitrary inclinations to connect sensory dimensions, or cognitive biases. Her work opens alternatives to the problematic idea of nudging, and looks at strategies of persuasion which preserve the responsibility of individuals.

Her work is frequently broadcast in national and international newspapers, and she is regularly consulted by institutions and the media regarding the relevance of philosophy for scientific debates. She currently works with several high-end restaurants, as well Tate Galleries, the Getty Foundation and the future Biotopia museum in Munich on innovative sensory and social engagement strategies.

She has been involved in several major collaborative grants with cognitive neuroscientists (AHRC large grant, 2013-2017 ; DefiSens grant 2014 and 2015 ; BIAL grant 2017-2019 ; NOMIS grant 2019-2021)