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Ora Ito
Ora-Ïto Studio
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Ora Ito

Company: Ora-Ïto Studio
Title: Designer
Location: Paris, France
Fields of operation: Art, Design, Culture

Ora-Ïto is the youngest star-designer of product-design history. His name is already on every lips... Who needs to be introduced again with the most courted young designer of the world?!! Ora-Ïto , which name makes many people believe him to be of Japanese descent, is a indeed a French young man, born in 1977 in Paris. His name meaning in Sioux "building the imaginary" it became synonymous with the label he has since created: Ora-Ïto. Even at an early age, the young designer knew exactly what he wanted. At the age of ten he adored the work of the French designer Philippe Starck and the French architect Le Corbusier. His idol, however, was the American painter Keith Haring. "If I could be someone else, I would be him..." Ora-Ïto admired him because in his opinion Haring was one of the artists who had actually invented an original look, like Van Gogh or Picasso. In 1996, he quickly enrolled in Ecole de création et de design, now known as Creapole, and left it a few months later since he couldn't wait to start creating for real. While he was interning at the department of architecture, he met Roger Vivier at the opening of an art exhibition. Vivier wanted Ito to help him rejuvenate the brand and so Ito created a 3D computer model of a dancing shoe. Vivier was enthusiastic about the model, in particular as at the time virtual design as a tool was only being used in the car and aircraft industries. WHEN A SIMPLE FRENCH GUY BECOMES THE WORLD'S FIRST BRAND OF DESIGN When he dropped out of school at the age of 21, he decided to design his own label. He started by designing products virtually using 3D creation tools, for the brands of his generation such as Nike, Vuitton, Bic, Apple... Then, he created at the same times the corresponding fake ad for each product. Even though none of these product existed in reality, Ora-Ïto published them in the press just like full real advertising pages, using the brand's name and logo to make it appear more realistic! With the development of Internet and the success leaded by underground French magazines, the collection of fictitious products circled the globe to be regarded as the first genuine virtual label. Fiction became reality when people all over the world started ordering these products that did not exist. Large brands found out this experiment original and witty... That's how they got to call Ora-Ïto to asj the same piracy artwork on their brand.... Many famous brands came immediately get to know more about this new exciting project linking image, advertising with the future of Internet. That is how Ora-Ïto got the chance to cooperate with the biggest brands of the world and turned from virtuality to reality... A WORLD FAMOUS KNOW-HOW ON TRANSVERSAL BRAND STYLING Ora-Ïto is now a media celebrity; he gives every week numerous interviews to televisions and to the press magazine including The New York Times, Vogue or Washington Post, while his brand, Ora-Ïto ,made its way around the world. Ora-Ïto is actually the very first brand of design : able to sign with the same design philosophy a pair of stiletto or a washing machine. Ora-Ïto is regarded as a multiple artist since he has made his mark in architecture, in interior design, in product-design, in internet, in audiovisual or in graphic-desing as well as by his comprehensive advertising and PR campaigns for individual brands. In his state-of-the-art studio in Paris he and his team of specialists - experts in individual fields - are developing consulting and strategic product-design for international trademarks such as Heineken, Adidas, l'Oréal, Levi's, Sagem, Toyota, Nike, Guerlain, Davidoff, Danone, Lacie or Christofle... With the world's finest contemporary furniture makers, Ora-Ïto is currently operating with Cappellini, Magis, Zanotta, B&B Italia and Artemide on the development of extraordinary products for tomorrow. Moreover Ora-Ïto is a Jury member of TheCrane.tv's video competition. Launching in March 2009, TheCrane.tv is the first online video magazine - a showcase of worldwide happenings in art, design, lifestyle, architecture, fashion, ecology and culture devoted to fostering creative talents.