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Oren Nahari
Israel Channel 1
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Oren Nahari

Company: Israel Channel 1
Title: Foreign News Editor
Fields of operation: Media
Twitter: OrenNahari

Born Haifa, Israel, 1955 Graduated from the "Hebrew Reali School", Haifa 1973. Served in the IDF Intelligence forces 1974-1977 (Reserve duty Lieutenant in the Intelligence forces and at the Spokesperson Unit). B.A. in Political Science and International Relations, the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, 1979-1981. Sports Reporter, Channel 1 television, Israel Broadcasting Authority 1980-1985. Foreign Desk Reporter 1986-1991. Head of Foreign Desk, World News Editor 1992-present Founder of highly acclaimed on-going foreign news programs: "Seeing the World" (1988) and "Globe" (2000). A major contributor, substitute editor and anchorman of "Seeing the World". Editor and anchorman of "Globe". Anchoring the daily radio "International Hour" program on the second network (2006-present). Covered international events such as: the Rwanda genocide, the Kosovo war, 11.9., first democratic elections in South Africa etc. Interviewed George W. Bush, Vaclav Havel, Nelson Mandela, the Dalay Lama and more. Anchoring, moderating and editing many special television and radio programs on various issues (news, international news, literature, music…). Appears on Israeli and foreign radio and television as an expert on foreign news and current affairs. Published several best selling nonfiction books: "Encyclopedic Atlas of the World", 2001 [Platinum bestseller]. "Historic Atlas of the World", 2003 "Israel – 60 Years and Travels", 2007 [Platinum bestseller] "Not Just Milk and Honey - History of Israeli Cuisine", with Shlomo Papirblatt, 2008. "Dictionary of Personages - the Important, the Interesting, the Influential", with Yuval Elazary, 2008. Edited the detective books series "Footprints" at Keter publishing house. Editor of the Hebrew editions of "Speeches that Changed the World (2008), "Women that Changed the world" (2009), "Voyages that Changed the World" (2009), "Days that Changed the World" (2010). Lecturing in Israel and abroad on various issues to various audiences – universities, private and public organizations and institutions etc.