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Oskari Ozz Häkkinen
Epic Games
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Oskari Ozz Häkkinen

Company: Epic Games
Title: Director of Gamer Services
Fields of operation: Digital, Technology, Entertainment
Twitter: OzzFLY

Ozz is the founder and Chief Product Officer at Futurefly, a company innovating the mobile consumer application space with playable game mechanics at the front and centre of the experience.
As an App and Game industry professional, with well over a decade of experience in games, he's worked for some amazing companies from Electronic Arts and Microsoft to Remedy Entertainment. He's shipped a number of titles on a number of platforms, from Alan Wake to Death Rally, and worked on Quantum Break before founding Futurefly in 2014.
The Futurefly team are working on a messaging app with 3D avatars and animations, set to launch Q1 2016. The App will break down the walls of self expression in asynchronous messaging.