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Patricia Knoll
Creamondo GmbH
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Patricia Knoll

Company: Creamondo GmbH
Title: Marketing & Strategy
Location: Bayreuth
Fields of operation: Student, Start-up

Patricia Knoll is a Master student (Technology, Operations and Processes) at the University of Bayreuth and is part of the new startup company Creamondo.

In 2013 she participated in the University’s startup competition resulting in her team coming out on top with by bringing Richard Wagner’s operas closer to children. Since then she has gained insights in the startup world during her studies by working for the LMU Entrepreneurship Center, Daimler Business Innovation, the startup company Lumobodytech in the Silicon Valley and by winning a hackathon competition at the LMU in Munich.

Creamondo GmbH was founded by Ingo Knoll with the support of his daughter Patricia Knoll. The website for photography related workshops and excursions was just recently launched in May of this year. Patricia focuses on Marketing and Strategy to ensure that the brand Creamondo is becoming strong and vibrant.