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Patricia Riekel
Burda Magazine Holding GmbH
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Patricia Riekel

Company: Burda Magazine Holding GmbH
Title: Publisher BurdaStyle
Location: München, Germany
Fields of operation: Media, Journalist

Patricia Riekel started her journalistic career in 1968 with a voluntary service at a local newspaper in Munich, worked for many other magazines and also became interested in radio and television activities. From 1996 until 2016 Patricia Riekel was Editor-in-Chief of BUNTE, one of Germany´s most popular people-magazines which is read by around four milion people every week. In 1999 she founded the German InStyle and since 2009 she is Editor of Burda Style Group, which focuses on exclusive women´s magazines. Patricia Riekel never intentionally strived for a leading position but simply wanted to be a good journalist and write the best stories. She makes her dreams come true: very good and emotional story telling. She leads an intense and industrious life that cannot be divided into profession and leisure time. Patricia Riekel is one of the hard working women who never sleep. When she is not in her office, she can be found in theatres or in her garden reading a book, doing garden work or playing with her dog and cats.