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Paul Kagame
Office of the President of Rwanda
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Paul Kagame

Company: Office of the President of Rwanda
Title: President of Rwanda
Location: Kagali (Ruanda), Rwanda
Fields of operation: Politics

H.E. Paul Kagame was born in October 1957 in Rwanda. He fled persecution and killing in Rwanda and became a refugee in Uganda in 1960. He attended a staff and command course at Fort Lavenworth, Kansas USA in 1990. In October 1990, Paul Kagame returned to Rwanda after thirty years in exile to lead the Rwandan Patriotic Army (RPA) in the struggle for the liberation of Rwanda. On 19th July 1994, Paul Kagame was appointed Vice-President and Minister for Defence in the Government of National Unity. On April 17th, 2000, Paul Kagame was unanimously elected President of the Republic of Rwanda by the Transitional National Assembly. H.E. Paul Kagame was elected First Vice President of the African Union during the Second-Ordinary Session of the Assembly of Heads of State and Government of the African Union held in Maputo, Mozambique on July 11th 2003. On 12th September 2003, H.E. Paul Kagame was sworn in as President of the Republic of Rwanda, ending the transition period. Paul Kagame holds a diploma in Professional Management and Business Studies from the Open University of London, UK. Paul Kagame has been married to Jeannette Nyiramongi since 1989. They have four children.