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Pernille Tranberg
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Pernille Tranberg

Company: DataEthics.eu
Title: Co-Founder
Fields of operation: Digital, Technology, Journalist
Twitter: PernilleT

Pernille Tranberg is an independent speaker and advisor in data democracy, data ethics, data understanding and digital self-defense for companies, authorities and organisations. She is the co-founder of the European thinkdotank DataEthics.eu and is a former tech and investigative reporter at the national daily Politiken and editor-in-chief TÆNK (Danish small equivalent to Stiftungwarentest). She has written 7 books: the latest ‘DataEthics – The new Competitive Advantage’ (2016) with Gry Hasselbalch. She co-authored with Steffan Heuer ‘Fake It’ (Mich Kriegt Ihr Nicht)) about big data and digital selfdefense. It was published in three editions in German.