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Peter Meier
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Peter Meier

Company: Apple
Title: Engeneering
Location: Munich, Germany
Fields of operation: Digital, Technology
Twitter: ARpeter

Peter Meier founded Metaio in 2002 together with Thomas Alt. Since then, he had been serving as CTO and promoted Metaio as one of the leading companies for the development and licensing of Augmented Reality as well as mobile vision technologies. Metaio had over 100 employees in its establishments in Munich, Dallas and San Francisco. Peter Meier actively took part in expanding Metaio’s technology and patent portfolio. He is known as one of the top technical experts in AR. Furthermore he was involved in over 60 AR-patents and game-changing applications of Computer Vision for companies like Lego, Volkswagen and IKEA. He shaped junaio, Metaio’s open AR platform and worked hard to place Augmented Reality and Computer Vision as an acknowledged user interface technology in daily life.