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Petra Kiwitt
Deutsche Post
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Petra Kiwitt

Company: Deutsche Post
Title: DHL Solutions & Innovation
Location: Bonn, Germany
Fields of operation: Business (non digital), Professional Service

Petra Kiwitt is Executive Vice President of DHL Solutions & Innovations at Deutsche Post DHL. She has held a variety of positions at DHL since 1997, including Head of Marketing eVITA, where she worked for the development of eCommerce business fields, Head of Project ePost portal, and Division Manager of Special and Value Added Services, in Marketing MAIL. In 2007, she was appointed Head of Customer Strategy of Marketing MAIL, and became Head of DHL Solutions & Innovations in 2009. Ms. Kiwitt holds a degree in business administration from the University of Cologne, where she specialised in Marketing, Procurement and Product Policy, and Transport Science.