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Phil McIntyre
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Phil McIntyre

Company: Philymack
Title: CEO & Founder
Location: West Hollywood, United States
Fields of operation: Entertainment
Twitter: Philymack

Phil McIntyre, entrepreneur and a top entertainment executive, is the CEO of [Philymack](http://philymack.com/), the entertainment and music management company for multi-platinum artists Demi Lovato, Nick Jonas, and Joe Jonas/DNCE.
As a music industry veteran and with an excellent reputation as a creative marketer, he’s credited with spearheading the successful re-branding campaigns for all of his artists in recent years. In 2015, McIntyre who is also a Billboard Power 100 honoree, put Philymack at the forefront of content creation, music, and endorsement landscapes by forging two strategic partnerships: the first one with Roc Nation, and a second one with the launch of Safehouse Records, a joint venture with Nick Jonas, Demi Lovato, and Island Records.
Additionally, in 2016, McIntyre launched Philymack Games, a mobile gaming venture, with Kevin Jonas II, and Roc Nation. He currently serves on the advisory board for Ember Technologies.