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Philipp Welte
Hubert Burda Media
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Philipp Welte

Company: Hubert Burda Media
Title: Vorstand
Location: München, Germany
Fields of operation: Media

Philipp Welte is a studied political scientist and skilled journalist. He volunteered at "Südwestpresse", worked several years as an independent journalist and author, before he joined the Mitteldeutscher Rundfunk, as the eastern german TV station. In 1994 he affiliated to Hubert Burda Media in Munich as spokesman. After five years as Head of Communications he became in 1998 Managing Director of the former BUNTE Verlag. In the year 2000 he established STARnetONE Ltd in Berlin which realizes online and mobile phone services but also events and TV formats such as the BAMBI and the New Faces Awards, for instance. Out of both companies he developed end of 2001 the Burda People Group (BUNTE, InStyle, AMICA, STARnetONE) which is nowadays one of the most successful subsidiary companies of Hubert Burda Media. Since December 2008, in his role of Management Board Member Publishing, he has been responsible for the national publishing activities of Hubert Burda Media as well as for marketing and sales. Philipp Welte joined the Supervisory Board of TOMORROW FOCUS AG in June 2011.