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Philippe Pouletty
Truffle Capital
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Philippe Pouletty

Company: Truffle Capital
Title: Co-Founder
Location: Paris, France

Philippe Pouletty, MD, is Founder and General Partner of Truffle Capital, a leading venture fund based in Paris, and Chairman of France Biotech, the French biotechnology association. He founded three biotechnology companies in North America and Europe: SangStat (which became a world leader in the transplant rejection market with revenues of over $100 million and was listed on Nasdaq and later sold to Genzyme); Conjuchem (TSE); and DrugAbuse Sciences; which collectively achieved a combined market capitalization of over $900 million. Inventor of 29 patents, Dr. Pouletty is on the Board of Directors of twelve biotechnology and medical device companies (BMD, Carmat, Cytomics, Deinove, Innate Pharma, Immune Targeting Systems Ltd, Neovacs, Pharnext, Symetis, Theraclion, Vexim, and Wittycell). He is Chevalier de la Légion d'Honneur, Laureate of the American Liver Foundation, Medical Doctor (University of Paris VI), and former post-doctoral fellow at Stanford University.