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Pier Paolo Righi
Karl Lagerfeld International B.V
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Pier Paolo Righi

Company: Karl Lagerfeld International B.V
Title: CEO & President
Location: Amsterdam, Netherlands
Fields of operation: Art, Design, Culture

The 49 year old half-Italian, half-German Pier Paolo Righi, has taken over as CEO & President of Karl Lagerfeld International B.V. in September 2011, working very closely together with Mr. Karl Lagerfeld who is the creative leader of the fashion house. Pier Paolo comes with a broad experience in senior general management roles within global prime brands. He served more than 10 years as a Senior Executive within Nike, leading Central Europe, Middle East and Africa. Before Nike, Pier Paolo led the business of the Pentland Group plc. in Germany, overseeing and developing their premium brand portfolio.

Before joining Karl Lagerfeld, Pier Paolo worked for two years as Senior Executive in Tommy Hilfiger Europe. Pier Paolo serves since many years several non-executive boards, currently he serves as a board member of Fielmann AG.