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Pim Betist
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Pim Betist

Company: SellaBand
Title: Co-founder
Location: Amsterdam, Netherlands
Fields of operation: Digital, Technology
Twitter: pimbetist

Pim Betist worked for Heineken and Shell before creating sellaband.com with co-founder ex-Sony executive Johan Vosmeijer in August 2006. SellaBand has been called the latest online European revolution in the way music is consumed. Individuals may buy a part of a band for $10, and when 5,000 parts have been sold, the full budget (US $50,000) is used to record an album with renowned producers in high-end studios. All revenues generated from the music are split evenly between the Artist, the and SellaBand. SellaBand has raised $1.3 million since 2006. Eleven artists made the $50,000 budget, and 3 albums were released. "Speaking at DLD is a great opportunity for SellaBand. DLD attracts a mix of creative, web and business minded people who dare embracing new ways of doing business. I am looking forward to finding out about new opportunities and bringing our story across in Munich."