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Pola Sieverding
Studio Pola Sieverding
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Pola Sieverding

Company: Studio Pola Sieverding
Title: -
Location: Berlin, Germany
Fields of operation: Art, Design, Culture

Pola Sieverding is one of the most promising multimedia artists of the younger generation. The daughter of world famous artist Katharina Sieverding and internationally acclaimed multimedia pioneer Klaus Mettig studied in Pittsburg, Moscow and in 2007 attained her MFA at the University of the Arts in Berlin through professor Stan Douglas. Since 2006 she works in the field of photography, video and film. Her art focuses on the diversity and variety, on the aesthetic, the codes and also the ethical aspects of global cultures and subcultures of today. Sieverding, who as an Artist in Residence is currently working in Prague, Lisbon, Belfast and Ramallah, in her series is melting documentation and interpretation to visualize the ambivalence and hybridity of the multiple realities of today. In Germany she shows with Berlin based gallery Lena Brüning.