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Title: Musicians
Fields of operation: Art, Design, Culture

The Belarusian born singer and bass player Polina Lapkovskaja founded [Pollyester](http://www.diskob.com/cityofo/) as a duet together with drummer Manuel Da Coll in 2007. Since 2011 Benjamin Brachtel (synths) has been a steady member of the band.
While Polly was shaking up nightlife routines restlessly with her freaked out projects over the years – the Avantgarde Pop band Kamerakino and the highly successful party series Zombocombo are only two of the most important episodes –, da Coll travelled and played half the world with his Punk Brass band Labrassbanda and Brachtl set fire to the clubs with his “Tambien” productions.
Benjamin Matthias, who made the trio grow to a quartet, is also a major influence to the band’s live shows with his sound effects.
*Picture by Benni Gerull*