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Purnima Kochikar
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Purnima Kochikar

Company: Google
Title: Director, Google Play, Apps and Games
Location: Mountain View, CA, United States
Fields of operation: Digital, Technology

Purnima Kochikar is the Global Head of Apps and Games business development at Google Play where she oversees all aspects of the app ecosystem including strategy, operations, partnership management, technical support and developer marketing. Her team focuses on helping both world’s leading companies and fledging entrepreneurs create effective mobile businesses and reach global audiences.
Prior to Google, Purnima held various roles at Nokia including leading developer activities worldwide, which took her to more than 30 countries working on initiatives as diverse as building mobile education centers in Africa, tech incubators in Singapore, Bangalore and Tel Aviv, and launching mobile apps to solve some of the most fundamental human problems including education, healthcare, and supply chain management for food and medicines.
Purnima is passionate about K-12 education and entrepreneurship, and focuses on helping girls and women excel in both. A self professed geek, she is a tinkerer (her first toy was a meccano set), traveller, bookworm and a budding chef. She serves on the board of SVForum, which focuses on fostering entrepreneurship through education and mentorship.