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Rafi Gidron
Israel Brain Technologies Precede and  Chromatis
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Rafi Gidron

Company: Israel Brain Technologies Precede and  Chromatis
Title: Chairman Former Co-Founder & Co-CEO
Location: Ramat Hasharon, Israel
Fields of operation: Digital, Technology, Digital, Technology

Rafi has extensive experience as founder, manager, and angel investor in multiple disciplines including Internet, mobile, telecommunications, nanotechnology, neurotechnology, and medical devices. He is currently an active investor in seed and early stage start-ups and serves as active chairman of Pythagoras-Solar. Rafi is founder and chairman of Israel Brain Technologies – a nonprofit organization under the auspices of President Shimon Peres that promotes Israel's excellence in the field of brain technologies. Rafi was co-founder and managing partner of Precede – an entrepreneurship and investment firm that developed start-up companies. In 1998 he co-founded Chromatis Networks, a company that developed optical equipment for the telecommunications market. Chromatis was sold to Lucent in May 2000 for $4.75 billion when he served as co-CEO and Chairman. Following the acquisition, Rafi co-managed Lucent’s optical networking business unit.